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Roatan, the jewel of Honduras

Learn more about Roatan

Roatán is part of a group of archipelagos in the western Caribbean and is located between Cuba and the mainland. Surrounded by the largest barrier reef system in the Northern Hemisphere and is located between the islands of Utila and Guanaja, with several smaller islands in between called Morat and Barbareta. The island is approximately 40 miles long, 3 miles wide, and has annual temperatures with highs of 89.6 °F (32 °C) and lows of 77 °F (25 °C). The reef’s proximity to shore and the protected waters of the Caribbean give many water sports enthusiasts such as scuba divers an advantage.


Diving in Roatan is spectacular. The incredible coral reefs, crystal clear blue waters, warm white sand beaches, abundant gorgonians, sponges and corals that overflow on the walls, where they live: turtles, tropical fish, parrot fish, Groupers, sharks, dolphins and above all its incredible Macro life , turn Roatán into a paradise for diving. The Roatan coral reef is home to more than 90% of the marine animal species known from the Caribbean islands.


Best Seasson

We have sun between December to September. The rainy season runs from October to November. But you can dive at any time of the year. There is nothing more delicious than diving in the rain (without cold).



60 Mts in general, very good in all dives, with some occasional exceptions depending on the currents and the weather.


Water temperature

During most of the year the water temperature ranges between 25-27 degrees. 23 degrees when it's cold.


Recommended suit:

We normally dive with a swimsuit and a sun rash guard. But if you are going to do 3 dives per day, a short or long 3mm wetsuit is enough to dive comfortably. Remember that the water is saltier than in other places.

Roatan is a Marine Park

And it is part of the Islas de la Bahía marine park

A protected place in a state of recovery and conservation through more than 10 NGOs focused on the care and education of the ecosystem. And you can collaborate in different ways, click this link and find out about the most emblematic organizations that work on the Island. Each of them maintains important conservation programs and donations.



Ven y bucea en Roatan, el paraíso del Caribe y compartamos esta pasión en Moana Divers. 

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