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Scuba Diving Specialties


With this course, you can allocate time to improve or continue learning with the activities that you like the most. Practice your new skills underwater. Incorporate new skills following your plan. You will have a PADI Specialty Instructor to guide you. All the dives include outings from our boat.


Each specialty takes approximately 1-3 days. Let us know your travel dates so that we can complete your accommodations for you if you haven’t already secured a place to stay.

If you already know what you liked the most about the adventures of the Advanced OW Diver course, don’t wait to specialize.

What you’ll get in this course:


3 Learning Modules

We deliver personalized knowledge for each adventure, using manuals and practical examples to make the leap in your specialty.

Get ahead on your theory using eLearning:  You can advance before your arrival by completing the theory of diving online, including the final exam online. Visit the PADI eLearning site and buy your online course today! You will be charged once you sign up and we can offer you a discount on our course fees.

Don’t forget to select Moana Divers  #27186 to complete the practical portion of your course in Roatan.


Open Water Practical Modules

All the specialties include at least 2 open water dives to practice and improve your new skills. Each dive is carried out with a detailed briefing of the exercises that will be carried out seeking continuous improvement.


      • Wreck Diver: On the west side of Roatan, we have two that we can visit during your course. Both are great for improving your skills and touring these beautiful ships. El Aguila and the Odyssey.
      • Fish Identification: We are nature lovers, and we love to learn more about our ecosystem every day. On this dive, we will visit beautiful sites looking for and identifying the species found there.
      • Underwater Photographer: Photography is our thing! Our underwater photography specialty allows us to deliver unique diving adventures in practice and on excursions. It is not required that you have your own camera.
      • Peak Performance Buoyancy: We approach this activity from theory and practice with specific tools to improve your buoyancy based on experience.
      • Nitrox Dive: This adventure gives you the advantage of enjoying the longest bottom times, which is especially important on the deeper dives.
      • Shark Dive: This training will allow you to understand more about the behavior of this beautiful animal, in theoretical and practical environments.
      • Lionfish Hunt Dive: This invasive species is introduced and is the only species allowed for spearfishing under the marine park accreditation.



Course Requirements:

  • You should already be a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver (or equivalent with another organization).

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Our Prices

If you do more than one specialty with us, you’ll get an additional discount.

  • $74 USD
  • $120 USD / 1 Dive


Prices don’t include 19% tax or tip

Photos from the Specialties


Ven y bucea en Roatan, el paraíso del Caribe y compartamos esta pasión en Moana Divers. 

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