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OUR CONTRIBUTION Participate in our reef protection programs and contribute to this beautiful work. Conservation and protection of the environment is everyone's task. We are responsible for the effect we cause on Nature. We are joining efforts with local NGOs to protect our Reef, today we have 3 initiatives that might interest you during your stay in Roatan.



Let's learn together the adventure of helping our Planet.



We will carry out these beautiful practices in Roatán.



Give a new impulse to your life and grow

Application of Antibiotics in Corals

This adventure includes a talk by specialists in the protection of corals affected by the strange Rock disease that affects beautiful corals throughout the Mesoamerican reef. In addition, you will be taught how to manufacture the mixture of antibiotics with poxipol with the best application techniques. This activity requires 2 days of instruction. You can dive with us as many times as you want and take care of the reef yourself!

Lionfish hunting

This adventure allows you to receive instruction on the invasion of this species in the Mesoamerican Caribbean, the main causes it causes in the ecosystem and how pest control is being managed. You will participate in an instruction at the Roatán Marine Park NGO, where you will receive your harpoon and certification. You will have the opportunities to dive and use your knowledge with us. It requires at least 2 days of training And you can collaborate in different ways, click this link and find out about the most emblematic organizations that work on the Island. Each one of them maintains important conservation programs and donations.


Cleanup of Recovery Sites

This adventure is designed as a simple activity to perform, designed for the whole family. You only need one day to do it. Requires programming with our instructors the location and participants.


Ven y bucea en Roatan, el paraíso del Caribe y compartamos esta pasión en Moana Divers. 

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